Turan DuruTuran Duru was born in 1957 in Ankara. After finishing the high school, he studied and graduated from French Language and Literature. After working a short period of time as a teacher, in 1983, he changed his direction to tourism and commerce.

After retirement, he started to get involved with ceramic arts, which is just when he found the pottery had become “corrupt” in his words; plates made of plaster painted with synthetic dyes everywhere… He decided to perform the art of “Çini” as it should be and started. While mastering his drawing and painting technique, he also excelled in drawing original Hittite figures on the plates. Since the Hittite figures are geometrical figures, he prefers pen filled with purified and thinned “çini” dye, instead of brush, to draw the figures. Since he only uses Hittite figures, he chose the name of the shop Hattutşa, which is the capital of Hittites.

Turan Duru is exhibiting and selling his hundred-percent-hand-made works of art in his shop “Hattuşa” in Avanos. He speaks French, English and Italian.