Hattusa AvanosWhen you reach the square of Avanos, which is very close to the river and the mosque next to it, just ask a local where Hattuşa (Hot-too-shah) or Turan Duru (Too-run Do-roo) is. Just at the enterance of the “Edip Akbayram” street (who is a very famous Turkish singer, an Avanos local also), you will see the small, beautiful shop of Turan Duru: Hattuşa.

The place is full of wonders. Nearly all the stuff that’s being exhibited here is hand made by Turan Duru himself. He will most probably greet you himself at the door of his shop. He speaks French, English and Italian. In high season, the shop is open till 9AM to 9PM, 365 days in a year. At low season, the shop is open from 10AM to 5PM. But you can always reach him from his cell phone, which you may find in the “Location” section of the homepage, and at the bottom of this page. He will most probably come at once to greet you.
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At the shop, there are more than 300 products. These are plates, vases, miniatures and accessories.

These products are only made by Turan Duru himself and sold in his own shop. Unfortunately some of Duru’s creations has been lifted and mass produced by using silkscreen printing. Moreover, these plates has someone else’s name and “handcraft” statement at the back. DO NOT GET DECEIVED and take these rip-offs to your home.

The contact information for Turan Duru:
Cell phone: +90 505 359 59 36
email: turanduruavanos@hotmail.com
Address: Yukarı Mah. Edip Akbayram Sok. No:27 50500 Avanos, Nevsehir.